Meet our Proprietor

Green Mountain Scenery - Meet our Proprietor

Meet Cathy our Proprietor

I have wanted to own and run a B&B since I was in College. I love to meet new people and open up my home to them. Finally after 30 years, I’m realizing my dream! We lived in the mountains in a small town in Germany for 5 years and just loved the clean air, water, and the sense of community. We have been looking for that since we came back to the United States. We have found that in Rye, Colorado! It is a beautiful quaint town where you know and care about your neighbors.

The Greenhorn Mountain and valley has so much to offer an outdoor enthusiast. It’s a great place to get healthy. The views are spectacular they take my breath away just sitting on the Deck or even walking up to the house from the barn. We have seen so much wildlife in their natural setting since we have moved here. I hope my guests will have the same experience as I have every day I wake up and look outside.

Contact Cathy at [email protected] or Call 719-989-0853